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Celebrating Higher Education Offers

The vast majority of Alleyn’s students apply through the UK university admissions service, UCAS. Also, every year we have students apply abroad and to Art Colleges as well as for Apprenticeships, to Drama schools and Music conservatoires.

We are delighted that, this year, the emerging picture is once again extremely positive for the field of applicants from Alleyn’s. There is a lot of news yet to come, but our applicants are encouraged by the interest being shown in their applications by the top universities.

There have been excellent offers from Oxford and Cambridge, other Russell Group universities, prestigious Art and Music Colleges, Overseas universities (in Canada and the USA) and also for those students who wish to study Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy. Our hope and aim is that every student is encouraged to apply for the path that best suits them, and that they are rewarded with exciting and fulfilling opportunities once they have left Alleyn’s.

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