Junior School Virtual Open Event

Registration for prospective entry in September 2021 is now closed, although you are still welcome to enjoy this Virtually Alleyn's Open Event. Around this time of year, we would usually invite children and their families to join us at School to learn more about our happy Junior School community, learn about the application process, and take a walking tour around the site with our friendly pupil guides.

Of course, we can't do that at the moment.

While we would much rather be meeting you in person, and look forward to doing so as soon as guidance allows, we hope that in the meantime you will enjoy this Virtually Alleyn's Open Event. You will hear from our Headmaster, Mr Simon Severino, and Junior School Registrar Mrs Felicity Thomas, who also present an FAQ session to address some of the questions that are commonly raised by parents and children at open events.

Most importantly, you will also meet some of our pupils, who will give you a flavour of life at Alleyn's Junior School from their perspective. Finally, you can follow a child in Reception, and one in Year 3, through 'A Day in the Life' at School as they partake in some of the exciting activities of a usual school day.

We hope that you will very much enjoy these presentations. If you do, and you feel that you are ready to apply, please register online before midday on Friday 6 November. You will find a link to do so further down this page.

If you have general questions about the admissions process, please email the Registrar.

With very best wishes from all at Alleyn's Junior School.

Welcome to Alleyn's Junior School. The following video features introductions and information from Headmaster Mr Severino and Junior School Registrar Mrs Thomas

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Here follows an FAQ session with Mr Severino, and Junior School Registrar, Mrs Thomas. They talk through a number of questions that they are commonly asked during a more usual open event 

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And now, a few words from our pupils, who share their thoughts on topics from the best thing about learning at a co-educational school to what makes a good friend 

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If you have enjoyed the short films above and would like to find out in a little more detail what 'A Day in the Life' at Alleyn's Junior School looks like, do take a look at the videos below as we follow a Reception and Year 3 pupil through a School day.


Year 3

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about us during this Virtually Alleyn's Open Event. Stay safe and healthy, and we hope to hear from you in the Advent Term. Online registration for for 4+, 7+ and 9+ prospective entry in September 2021 closed at midday on Friday 6 November.


Welcome and thank you for your interest in Alleyn's Junior School. We hope this Virtually Alleyn's Open Event finds you in good health and spirits. Please enjoy the presentations, and we look forward to being in touch with you regarding your application for September 2021!

Online registration for 4+ entry to Reception, 7+ entry to Year 3 and 9+ entry to Year 5 closed at midday on Friday 6 November.