Sam Akinwumi (Cribb’s 2012-14)

Sam Akinwumi (Cribb’s 2012-14)


Campaign Ambassador,
400th Anniversary Campaign: Growing Bursaries for the Future 

(Cribb’s 2012-14)

The moment I walked through the iron gates at Alleyn’s, my life was changed for the better. Of course, at the time I couldn’t have known this, but looking back, I now know this to be true. The opportunity I was offered is not one that is afforded to many individuals, so I made sure not to take any moment of it for granted. Every member of Alleyn’s - from the students to the members of staff - welcomed me and made sure I always felt comfortable. 

Not only this, but my time at Alleyn’s helped me redefine what success looked like for me. For example, after my first year at Alleyn’s, I was made into a Senior Prefect and Basketball Captain.But everything I have achieved to date, in some way or another, is due to those two years I spent at Alleyn‘s. 

Since leaving, I have taken up leadership roles in various societies at University such as the African Caribbean Society as well as being nominated as Black Student Delegate for the University of Bath within the National Union of Students. Studying at Alleyn’s gave me the confidence to create my own nationwide poetry platform ‘The Black Verse’. I created this platform while I was on my placement year at IBM, and launched it while I was working with Google on a summer internship in Dublin. The journey and experience collaborating with 45 artists from a vast range of backgrounds has been life-changing and made possible with the skills I developed at Alleyn’s. Within the past year, I have taught myself the art of photography and become a freelance photographer and created all of the images and videos that can be found on the Black Verse website. At the moment I am finishing my final year studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath. Upon graduating, I shall be taking up a graduate role as an Analytic Consultant at IBM as well as launching another platform ‘Conversation with the Diaspora’ where I aim to tell the stories and illustrate the journeys of parents who have relocated to the UK. 

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