Zoë Avenell (Tulley’s 2001-08)

Zoë Avenell (Tulley’s 2001-08)

Campaign Ambassador,
400th Anniversary Campaign: Growing Bursaries for the Future

'I remember anxiously waiting for my interview with Dr Niven in the school reception and admiring the art work and sports trophies that lined the hallway as I walked to his office. I don’t remember much else from that day, only that this was the one; I had to go to Alleyn’s. At the time, receiving a Bursary was my only chance to attend and I was incredibly fortunate to receive this gift and I started Year 7 in September 2001. 

Having access to an education at Alleyn’s was an opportunity I thought was out of reach and for seven years the academic and sports teachers provided me with a solid, all-round grounding to prepare me for whatever was to come next. I am a very proud ’08 Leaver and look forward to giving back and supporting new and existing students of Alleyn’s.'

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