Make a Gift

Alleyn’s School has a strong community of support from parents, Governors, staff, alumni and friends in Dulwich and beyond.

We welcome support from anyone who cares about Alleyn’s and our mission to offer the best possible education and facilities to our talented pupils from the local community.

Giving generously will enable children who are less fortunate to realise their potential within the caring, stimulating and well-equipped environment of the School and, with such an education, to make their own contribution to society.

We would ask you to consider donating either a single gift or an on-going monthly amount to this very worthwhile cause. Perhaps you would like to ensure that a child today enjoys the same opportunity that you, or your son or daughter, has enjoyed? Maybe you could club together with your classmates, year group or fellow House members to support a bursary? Or you could consider joining hundreds of other members of the Alleyn's community whose pooled gifts quickly add up? It might even be that your company or charitable trust can help?

The chart below demonstrates how the combined efforts of monthly givers, donating from £15 a month, can make a considerable and rapid impact.

Monthly amount Annual cost to standard rate tax payer Net annual cost to higher rate tax payer (40%) Net annual cost to higher rate tax payer (50%) Total value of your donation to Alleyn's
£15 £180 £135 £112.50 £225
£30 £360 £270 £225 £450
£50 £600 £450 £375 £750
£100 £1,200 £900 £750 £1,500
£200 £2,400 £1,800 £1,500 £3,000

Regular Gifts

Regular gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually for any number of years. By making a donation in this way you provide Alleyn’s School with a regular income that enables us to plan ahead and use your donation most efficiently.

Download the Donation Form (pdf)

Single Gifts

Single gifts can be made with a cheque made payable to Alleyn’s School. CAF cheques are also welcome. Alternatively, you can donate online, an easy and secure way to give via our online payment facility we have set up with WorldPay.

We are able to reclaim the basic rate of tax (currently 20%) on your gift. For a donation eligible for Gift Aid, you must pay UK Income or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the amount that Alleyn’s will reclaim on your donations in the tax year. Higher rate tax-payers can reclaim the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate of tax on their annual tax return, whilst company donations may be offset against corporation tax, making charitable giving hugely tax-efficient.

Every donation, whatever its size, can make a real difference. We recognise that giving to Alleyn’s requires a partnership between School and donor, which matches the needs and aspirations of both in a relationship of mutual trust and respect. These are qualities which are of course central to Alleyn’s long-standing ethos and approach, and potential donors can therefore rest assured that their generosity will be treated with sensitivity, gratitude and respect.

Company Matching Gift Schemes

Many companies will match an individual employee's gift to a charity. Please inform the Development Office if your company offers this scheme.

Overseas Donors


The School is registered with the American Fund for Charities, a charitable organisation under Section 501(c) (3). Donations made to AFC from US residents who indicate a preference for supporting Alleyn’s School will ensure that donations can be received by Alleyn’s. Such donations are tax deductible for US tax payers. Contact details are available from the Development Director on 020 8557 1545 or by email.