Legacy Gifts

The Cornflower Club: Our Future, Our Legacy

Legacies have supported Alleyn’s School from the time of its foundation and are an ideal way of helping the School today and into the future. A legacy donation will help future generations of Alleyn’s boys and girls to reach their full potential.
Recent legacies have ranged from several hundred pounds to a whole estate and have come from past pupils and former staff.

If you make a gift to Alleyn’s in your will, and do not wish your gift to remain anonymous, you will become a member of our Cornflower Club, through which you can meet other members and be among the first to hear news about the School and our plans for the future. All gifts are very important and warmly welcomed. We are proud of our benefactors and very grateful for their thoughtfulness in making a bequest to help the School. 

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We very much hope you wish to become a member of this special donor's society.
If you would like to discuss this please email the Development Office or call us on 020 8557 1545

The Historical Context

The School traces its history from the foundation in 1619 of Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift to the setting up of The Reading Schools (later the Dulwich Free School) in 1741 and, later, the creation of the Lower School in 1857. In 1882 this became Alleyn’s School as we know it today moving to Townley Road in 1887. Alleyn’s original charitable foundation consisted of a Master, Warden, four fellows, six poor brothers, six poor sisters and twelve poor scholars. Statutes stipulated ‘the scholars were entitled to stay until they were eighteen, to be taught in good and sound learning’ and ‘that they might be prepared for university or for good and sweet trades and occupations’.

Alleyn’s owes much to its past benefactors. Those who have remembered the School in their wills have bequeathed not only buildings, but also scholarships and sporting traditions, all contributing to the continued growth and development of the School. In many ways, the provision of a bequest to Alleyn’s in your will is the greatest gift of all. It signifies the belief you have in all that Alleyn’s stands for, and it creates a living testimony to that affection beyond your death.

Such a commitment to the future should not be recognised through acts of remembrance alone; instead, those who have chosen to endow that future should be both honoured and thanked in their lifetime. It is for this reason that we have created the Cornflower Club. Membership of the Club is open to all those who have signified their intention to make a bequest to the School. While recognising that such a decision is often private and personal, an event is held every year at which, in a discreet but meaningful way, we express our thanks and keep members abreast of current development plans. The School also draws upon the experience and wisdom of Club members to advise on its intentions for the future. 

"I'm delighted that funding bursaries is still a priority for Alleyn's and think it excellent that I can support pupils in the future through my will".Former member of Alleyn's Teaching Staff