Alleyn Old Boys' Football Club 1888-1988: A history of the first 100 years

Alleyn Old Boys' Football Club 1888-1988: A history of the first 100 years

AOB Keith Rodwell (Tyson’s 1956-64) has written a chronological history of the Football Club from its formation in 1882 to its 100th anniversary in 1988.

Keith Rodwell (Tyson’s 1956-64) writes:

"Four years in the making, it could not have been compiled by me without the recording of match details and other information by generations of officials of the Football Club who, amongst other things, sent reports to the AOB Magazine, particularly in the years up to the 1950's.

Beyond this, special indebtedness must go to PC Barnes (AOB) who laboriously produced bound ledgers of the history and happenings of the Football Club from its inception in 1888 until its 50th season. These were miraculously saved from the fire which engulfed the Clubhouse in 1977 and are charred at the edges to prove it.

They were subsequently kept, mainly in the possession of Robin Mason, who, in his own inimical way, maintained very detailed statistics and other records for many of the years after the Second World War until 1988 and beyond.

The information was summarised and added to by me to include material from the School and Club archives and results and league tables held by the likes of the Southern Amateur League and The Old Boys Cup plus photos, teamsheets and other reports.

The Book covers a period of History during which much changed in the world. The game of Association Football was just finding its feet in the early years, the gentleman amateurs of the South were confronted with the rise of professionalism, smoking concerts were the order of the day, no cars and travel was by public transport or even horse and cart.

Many players departed to engage in conflicts from the Zulu uprising to the First and Second World Wars (some never to return), in later years undertook National Service and then became the first generation to enable car transport to games. All before mobile phones and the internet.

On the football side in the early years there were fixtures against the likes of Ipswich Town, Cambridge, Eastbourne, East Grinstead and Hastings, and more locally against Dulwich Hamlet. Two football tours to Rheims were undertaken in the years before the First World War by train and boat and then others by plane to Europe in the 1960's and 1970's.

Stanley Matthews appeared against the School team in Rossall and over the years many famous personalities guested at the Football Club Annual Dinners including- Stanley Rous, Bobby Robson, John Motson, Alan Parry and Ian St John.

AOB FC were a founder member of the Southern Amateur League in 1907 and play in this competition to this day.

The Book itself has ended up as A4 size and 250 pages in length.

I hope some of you may be interested in acquiring a copy. It is priced at £15.

Any profits from the sale will be shared between the Alleyn Benevolent Fund and a charity of my choosing.

I can arrange delivery FOC in the Dulwich/Beckenham/Bromley/Croydon areas otherwise there will be an additional charge of £3.50 for postage (it is quite heavy).

I look forward to hearing from you either by email or by phone to 0203 638 2428 "

Keith Rodwell (Tyson’s 1956-64)