Challenge what you know

Challenge what you know

Ben Tinkler-Davies (Tyson’s 2016) careers talk

We were delighted to welcome Ben Tinkler-Davies (Tyson’s 2016) virtually back to Alleyn’s to speak to Years 10, 11,12 & 13 a part of the School’s careers programme.

Ben who studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cambridge stressed the importance of choosing the right course at university and also encouraged current pupils to continue their co-curricular activities after they leave school.

During his final year at Cambridge Ben and his supervisor collaborated to produce the world’s first bamboo cricket bat. The sustainable design caught the attention of SkySports and Ben made a trip to the Oval to share his story, you can watch a clip of his interview here - 

Ben shared how the TeDx Talk Start with Why by Sion Sinek had challenged his perspectives and encouraged pupils to 'challenge what they know' both at university and when they start their careers.

Ben now works as a Design Engineer at Arrival, an up-and-coming electrical vehicle manufacturer, and extolled the virtues of working at a start-up.

A big thank you to Ben!