Delighted to invite AOB Guest of Honour at CCF Passing Out Parade

Delighted to invite AOB Guest of Honour at CCF Passing Out Parade

AOB Dr Peter Lammer's speech added a special dimension to the CCF Passing Out Parade and Prize Giving, with his anecdotes about gliders and wayward ammunition. 

The School was thrilled when AOB Dr Peter Lammer (Brown’s 1969-76) co-founder of Sophos, agreed to be Guest of Honour at the CCF’s traditional passing-out parade on Thursday (24 June). He regaled the students with memories of his time in the CCF, including hair-raising tales of the days when there was a working glider on-site and of a certain MoD ammunition mishap and watched over the prize-giving ceremony and parade.

Peter remembers his experiences with the CCF fondly, in particular the camps in the Scottish mountains. In his speech to the Cadre, he also reflected on the impact his school life had had, emphasising the high quality teaching, he had received, particularly in Maths and Physics, which he felt had paved the way for his future.  An avid member of the Shooting Club at School, of which he was Captain for two years, CCF Contingent Commander Major Scott Benest met up with Peter in March this year at his home as he wished to donate his rifle to the CCF/Rifle Club.

After Alleyn’s, Peter graduated in engineering science from the University of Warwick and received a PhD in the medical application of control theory from St John’s College, Oxford. He went on to become the co-founder of Sophos, Europe’s largest cyber-security firm. 

You can read an interview with him in the 2012 EAC magazine here