Florence’s Fairy Tale in Fourteen Songs

Florence’s Fairy Tale in Fourteen Songs

Alumna Florence Welch has released her fifth studio album.

Congratulations to Florence Welch (Spurgeon’s 2005) of Florence + The Machine, whose fifth studio album Dance Fever is released today (13 May)!

It has been a busy time - Florence has recently completed a short run of intimate tour dates in Newcastle, Blackburn and London and features in May’s issue of British Vogue where she describes her new album as ‘like ‘Lungs’ but with more self-knowledge.’ As well as Vogue, Florence also adorns the upcoming edition of Rolling Stone UK magazine and describes life living in Camberwell.



Of the new album, Rolling Stone says;

Through its mystical and epic storytelling born from the vast kingdom of her imagination, the album seeks to confront the dichotomy between the desires and needs of Florence Welch, the human, versus Florence Welch, the creator and myth.”

Described by Florence as 'a fairy tale in 14 songs', the new album was largely recorded in London and was produced by Florence Welch in conjunction with Jack Antonoff and Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley.

The music video for the latest single ‘Free’ from the new album was directed by Autumn de Wilde and filmed in Ukraine in 2021. It features Florence (as herself) with actor Bill Nighy as ‘her anxiety’.Have a watch below: