Free Online Tool to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Free Online Tool to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Alumna Jo Hand's free online tool will help us help the planet by reducing individual carbon footprints.

Giki stands for Get Informed Know your Impact and Jo Hand co-created it with her husband for one simple reason. Jo said, “We are facing a climate and environmental emergency and many people want to do the right thing but are not sure what “right” is. Almost no one wants climate change, endangered wildlife or plastic pollution, but the reality is that it’s a consequence of the lives that many of us lead in the world today. We believe that if everyone can build their own personal plan for what they can do to protect their world, then we can all play a crucial role to preserve the environment on which we all depend”. 

Check out the link to Giki Zero here  

“The more that we make improvements within our own lives, the stronger the message is to governments and to businesses that change is necessary. This year has shown us how quickly we can change. Now we must focus on ensuring that the changes to come will protect nature and the environment. Not only is this good for animals, it’s also good for us. For we need nature and natural world, to feed ourselves and to live. " 

Read more on pages 30-31 Autumn EAC Magazine 2020