Inclusion and diversity – Alleyn's Vision and Values

Since the foundation of Alleyn's College of God's Gift, thousands of young people who have followed the original 'twelve poor scholars' and received an education and training for life of the highest quality. At a time when the value of such an education is more prized than ever, and yet is open to fewer pupils than we would all wish, widening access to pupils from all backgrounds is of central importance. We subscribe strongly to Edward Alleyn's vision of sharing the gifts and talents that were given to him in support of others such that they, in turn, are enabled to make the most of their potential, both for their own benefit and for that of society as a whole in the century to come.

Alleyn's pupils are encouraged throughout their time at the School to engage actively with the wider community. They are given opportunities to explore the world around them through their studies and co-curricular activities, so that they might gain a better understanding of their own and other cultures, of global differences and shared values. The diversity encouraged by an active bursary programme can only enhance this aspect of our School and create a climate in which respect for all can flourish. This ethos has always been part of the Alleyn's philosophy and remains at the heart of our Vision and Values today.

Our Goal

The School's major long term fundraising goal, and its most important project as stated in the School Development Plan, is therefore the provision of additional means-tested bursaries to support pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford an Alleyn's education. Our aim is to build an Alleyn's Bursary Fund of several million pounds that will enable us to offer the equivalent of a further twelve fully-endowed bursaries –the twenty-first century heirs to Edward Alleyn's original 'twelve poor scholars'.

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My family could in no way have afforded the fees for my education at Alleyn’s. By winning a scholarship my life was completely changed and my future wouldn’t have been assured or as interesting had I not been given that extra chance.Alan, donor and alumnus (Tyson's) 
Alleyn's gave me a great start in life and I'm always happy to help whenever I can.Charlie, donor and alumnus (Cribb's)