All@Alleyn's Series

All@Alleyn's is a free-to-attend series of lectures, workshops and performances for all the community.

As part of our anniversary year celebrations, we are delighted to invite our friends and neighbours to participate in the All@Alleyn's series; a programme of engaging performances, lectures and workshops that are free and open to all. Provided by Alleyn's staff and pupils, a range of events will cover literature, art history, science and more.

We plan to add concerts and workshops to the bill, too. All@Alleyn's events will take place throughout 2019 with dates and booking information posted to this web page on a regular basis.  

Events are free to attend but places must be booked online. Select the appropriate event below for full details and booking.

12. Who are the Germans? - Dr. Gary Savage (Headmaster)

Thursday 7 November, 7.00 pm

As the UK redefines its relationship with the EU, it has perhaps never been more important to try to understand our close neighbours, sometimes friends and erstwhile enemies. This Lecture will do so via a whistle-stop analysis of some of the pivotal moments and personalities in German history, from the (Holy) Roman Empire and the Reformation to Bismarck and the Berlin Wall, right up until the present day – Merkel, the refugee crisis and the future.