Dulwich Almshouse

On 30 September 1616, Henry Briggs of Peckham became one of the first to benefit from Edward Alleyn’s bequest to provide accommodation for 12 poor brothers and sisters in the Almshouse in Dulwich.

Today’s residents range in age from 70 to 100, with the oldest two having lived at the Almshouse for over 25 years each. The residents enjoy the privacy of their individual homes but equally enjoy the community within which they live, their mutual companionship and support.

The Almshouse remains a fundamental part of our Foundation and is a relationship that Alleyn’s truly values. We regularly invite residents to attend and enjoy School events such as our music concerts, drama performances and lectures, as well as rehearsals for our musical presentations at Christ's Chapel in Dulwich Village.

Our pupils enjoy meeting and getting to know the residents; in particular as part of a special project that is underway to mark the anniversary of Edward Alleyn's foundation of his College of God's Gift.

Fittingly, Almshouse residents joined the Alleyn's School community - pupils, staff, alumni and friends - at Westminster Abbey in January 2019, for the Service of Thanksgiving and Commemoration that marked the beginning of our anniversary year.

Students very much enjoy meeting and getting to know the residents of the Dulwich Almshouse.