SCEC Saturday Maths

Southwark Community Education Charity (SCEC) is a registered charity which for over 20 years has operated three schemes of enrichment classes on Saturday mornings in Dulwich for pupils from Southwark primary schools. 

SCEC works together with the participating primary schools to offer selected children the chance to extend their skills in literacy, mathematics or science in a stimulating and fun environment. Alleyn's provides the charity with support at the Alleyn's site, as do other Foundation Schools, Dulwich College, and James Allen’s Girls’ School, at their respective sites.

The Saturday Maths Scheme continues to flourish at Alleyn’s and we have four tutors teaching 52 Year 5 pupils from twelve local Primary Schools, with the help of Alleyn’s pupil mentors from Year 11. This year (2017/2018) over 50 Year 11 pupils volunteered to give up their Saturday mornings to support this scheme, and we have been delighted to host several Headteachers from participating Primary Schools, all of whom have been most impressed with their pupils’ achievements and engagement.


"One thing that’s great about the scheme is that it stretches the children beyond what they’re already doing in lessons at school, and really helps them build self-confidence around maths, cementing skills as well as teaching them new ones. The social side of the scheme is just as important as the sessions themselves and in class the children and tutors work together in groups to solve problems in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

- Seth, Alleyn's Saturday Maths volunteer

"Break is a great time to get to know the kids. They like to play games of football or bulldog in the playground with the Year 11 mentors or some of them sit and chat or read in the library. It’s a really good way to learn about their different interests in addition to maths, as they are all incredibly bright and have a lot to say!"

- Agnes, Alleyn's Saturday Maths Volunteer

"One of the best things about the Saturday Maths Scheme is that all of the kids really love maths. It is the best feeling to see a 10 year-old excited about algebra, or celebrating when they nail negative numbers: something which they won’t learn in school for at least a year."

- Meg, Alleyn's Saturday Maths volunteer