Language and Culture Fair 2022

It has been a busy few weeks for the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department! Last week saw the unveiling of our vibrant and informative LGBTQ+ in Europe display, to shine a light on inspirational figures and respond to pupils’ questions around the development of inclusive language.

Thursday 17 March saw the launch of our Language and Culture Fair in the shiny new Junior School Hall; a very special collaboration between junior and senior school pupils, to celebrate the dynamic multilingual and multicultural Alleyn’s community. Over 100 pupils from Years 3-13 teamed up to showcase the very best features of their language and culture, drawing in pupils from all years who were eager to learn something new from their peers.

Pupils were encouraged to discover as much information as they could, about as many different languages and cultures as possible, for a chance to win a prize. From customs and food and drink to national costume, music and games; we have so much to celebrate across no less than 18 different languages spoken by pupils within our own school community. Energy and enthusiasm abounded at this joyful and vibrant festival of multilingualism, which saw new friendships flourish between pupils of all ages and backgrounds.

The week closed with the most distinctive and special of our yearly occasions; The MFL Concert was back with its usual dose of brilliance and flair! Approximately 50 pupils performed, in six different languages, to a packed audience in the Great Hall. Such a sparkling celebration of language and music to take us all dancing into the weekend!