Lord Parkinson, Minster of Arts Joins us for a Jubilee lunch

It was not the Queen, but it was the Minister for Arts, Lord Parkinson, who joined us for our Jubilee lunch. We were honoured by his presence and interest in the festive decorations, the special lunch menu and the array of Jubilee puddings which our catering department had created by following the menus of some our children. Many congratulations to Eliza for her winning creation: the Elizabeth Cake. Lord Parkinson provided us with some impressive facts about the Queen’s seventy years of service and then stayed to enjoy lunch himself. Along with our assembly with the Senior School out in the Quad on Monday and the Jubilee tea this afternoon, the children should be very much in the mood for the long Jubilee weekend to come in half term. It is a unique moment in British history and one that hopefully they will look back upon in years to come.