Our Annual Number Day

In the glorious sunshine, the whole school participated in our annual Number Day. Over the course of the morning, they all took part in a maths trail which led them around the school site – including the new Rose and Fortune buildings – making mathematical observations, estimating and calculating. Their challenges included guessing the height of the new hall and the number of marshmallows in a jar; seeing how far they could jump and then estimating how far an Olympic heptathlete might jump; using a compass to work out the weather direction and discovering that nearly 50,000 school lunches are eaten by AJS children each school year! It was super to see all the children so engaged in their activities, laughing and working alongside their friends while surreptitiously doing maths!

When not involved in the maths trails, each child created colourful and informative posters about their maths heroes. The variety of subjects was terrific from parents and teachers, to ancient mathematicians and famous physicists; and from well-known musicians and celebrities to current entrepreneurs and sporting stars.

It was a wonderful celebration of all things numeric and a fabulous whole school focus.