Year 3 Visit Horton Kirby Environmental Education Centre

Year 3 went on a visit to Horton Kirby Environmental Education Centre as part of our ‘Rivers’ topic this term. On our arrival, we walked to the River Darent and stopped at various locations to discuss the physical landscape and the different rocks that could be found. We learnt about the mills that used to run alongside the river and why the Darent was so important to this industry in the past. We crossed a bridge over the river and the children had the opportunity to play a game of ‘Pooh Sticks’ to gauge the direction the water was flowing.

After that, Year 3 walked alongside the river on the River Darent’s floodplain, until we reached two sites that were shallow enough for the children to get into the water. They had great fun exploring what it was like to stand in a river before starting some very serious scientific investigations (using rubber ducks!) to discover how fast the water was flowing and whether it was the same at different places across the channel. The children took it in turns to use a stopwatch, record their findings, release, and catch the ducks.

After lunch, the hands-on learning continued. They discussed the vocabulary associated with the course of a river and then created their own river courses out of mud to explore erosion!

We were commended by the centre staff for "bringing such lovely children to the centre – as polite and enthusiastic as children from your school always are”. Well done, Year 3!