Year 6 Play Transports Audiences to the Wonderful World of Wonderland

This week, we were invited to jump down the rabbit hole to watch the vibrant and creative retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale Alice in Wonderland. The play was presented by our Year 6s who threw themselves into the performances over two evenings at the MCT and also at lunchtime for the whole school.

The pupils displayed enormous creativity and enthusiasm from the first workshops, the incredible artwork and decorations displayed outside the MCT, to the final performances. Cast member Sorley was excited to be part of this wonderful wonderland production and said, “I really enjoyed the thrill of performing in front of parents, teachers and my friends – and just of being on a stage. It was good to get used to acting and amazing to get the audience's response there and then. It was a truly magical feeling".

The magical set was created by the imaginative direction where the stage was transformed into tunnels, halls of different sizes and doorways to new worlds by the performers themselves, using their voices and physical movements. Scenes were accompanied by a live band with some Year 6 pupils playing kitchen utensils to the most enchanting effect. Every detail of this production was carefully considered to immerse the audience in the dream world of Alice.

Head of Junior School Simon Severino was blown away by the production. “The Year 6 Play of Alice in Wonderland was such a joy to behold, creative, imaginative and performed with smiles and togetherness. It has been so amazing to have a proper audience back once again! Congratulations to all of the children and all of my colleagues for their part in such a super venture”.