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Every day is filled with moments of personal achievement and shared joy and fun for the children.

Achievements are celebrated and recognised in lessons, through teachers' comments in marking and through announcements in our Friday Celebration Assemblies. Here, we highlight and congratulate notable individual, team or collective achievements, endeavours and events.

Our Friday Newsfeed newsletter that is sent electronically to parents each week records many achievements and special moments and is available for existing parents to read via the Hub.


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    News Stories

    Founder's Day

    After a two-year hiatus (thanks to Covid) Founder’s Day was back!

    Fiver Challenge

    A splendid display of initiative and entrepreneurship by Year 6

    Dance Show

    Yesterday the Junior School Dancers took to the MCT stage, wowing audiences with their curriculum and club dance routines!


    Film Gallery

    A Day in the Life - Reception

    A Day in the Life - Year 3