Co-educational Vision

As we look forward in the twenty-first century, we reaffirm our commitment to our co-educational vision: 

  1. Nurturing holistic excellence for all, developing curiosity, reflection, determination, independence and a lifelong love of learning;
  2. Promoting well-being in a kind, caring and safe environment where every individual can flourish;
  3. Offering opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, to develop skills, insight, empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork;
  4. Valuing diversity in welcoming to the Alleyn’s community people of different backgrounds and beliefs;
  5. Building positive local, national and international partnerships and providing opportunities for our pupils and staff to make a difference;
  6. Cherishing our community of pupils, parents, staff and alumni, and honouring our continuing commitment to Edward Alleyn’s charitable foundation of ‘God’s Gift’.
Co-educational excellence for all, in a caring, friendly, and welcoming community.