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Behaviour and Code of Conduct

We respect and care for each other.

We wish our pupils to be happy and confident and all staff seek to encourage all that is positive. The pastoral care of each individual pupil is of the greatest importance. Central to pastoral care is the Form Teacher, who has to take on a variety of roles in order to know and care for the children, their development and share their concerns.

In order to help the children feel responsible for their own behaviour, they agree to our 'Code of Conduct' at the beginning of each year and spend time thinking about what the six elements mean and how these can help everyone have a happy time in school.

School Code of Conduct

The school aims to make the environment safe, happy and caring and therefore the children agree to the following Code of Conduct:

  • We treat everyone with respect and kindness
  • We are honest and we look after our school and our property
  • We are good ambassadors for our school
  • We show good manners
  • We move around our school calmly and safely
  • We have a good attitude to our learning

The children in the Infants refer to these as their ‘Golden Rules'.  The Code of Conduct is referred to regularly and especially if a child has done something to break the code.

Behaviour Policy

Our behaviour policy is based upon positive discipline, praising good behaviour.

We are a happy school, where values are actively nurtured and will last a lifetime.

Junior School pupil works happily with her teacher in a classroom setting