400th Anniversary Telephone Campaign 2019: Your donations will change lives

13 of our recent alumni have been calling alumni and parents over the last two weeks to raise awareness and money for our 400th Anniversary Campaign: Growing Bursaries for the Future, with over 500 people called.

The Alleyn’s community has raised over £100,000 so far, all of which will go towards The Founder’s Fund for bursaries.This is a fund building for the future as an investment in young people’s access to education.

Congratulations to our team of callers and thank you to the Alleyn’s alumni, friends, colleagues and parents who participated. It provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with our community and update people on school life , as well as discuss the campaign goals.

‘I really wanted to get involved with helping raise money for bursaries as I enjoyed my time so much at Alleyn’s. I would genuinely love it if I felt like I had given someone who couldn’t afford it that chance to have the same experience I did. Thank you so much for making the whole experience so much fun!’ 

Martha, caller, (Brown’s 2011-18) 

Alleyn’s is a lovely place to go to school. I was very lucky. Thank you for calling and for raising money for pupils who can’t attend without this important fund.’

Lucinda, new campaign donor, (Cribb’s 1981-83)

It’s not too late to be involved – donate online here or find out more about the Campaign here