All About Food

We are delighted to have made some exciting changes to our School catering arrangements from the start of the Trinity term 2021.

Catering is now being managed directly by the School, and we are very happy to have invited our existing catering colleagues to join us in-house.

This development enables us to procure our food and other resources through suppliers of our choice, and to be mindful of both its quality and provenance. We also hope to participate in some innovative food projects with local partners.

The catering team continues to be led by Mrs Amarn, the Catering Manager, supported by our extensively qualified Executive Chef Frederic Scieux and other familiar faces. The whole team are excited about becoming employees of the School as many of them have worked on our site for many years, and we have the utmost confidence that our new Catering for Alleyn’s operation will be much enjoyed by, and beneficial to, Alleyn's pupils.

To find out more about Food at Alleyn's visit the catering section of the website here