Alleyn's Launches Earthshot

What can our generation do to help repair the planet?

This week, Alleyn’s launched with Year 11s, a new initiative within the Learners' Programme called Alleyn’s Earthshot. The initiative will explore more deeply the solutions that we need in order to appropriately tackle the challenges presented by climate change and ecological crises around the world. We want to encourage our students to be the leaders and changemakers of today and equip them with the critical skills and relevant knowledge to address the challenges we face.

After exploring Factfulness by Hans Rosling, we will engage with alumni and educate ourselves on the issues raised by TED Countdown, Project Drawdown and the Earthshot Prize to offer our own Alleyn's Earthshot Prize which our Year 11s are invited to enter to define a solution and to start making an impact.

This builds on the work we do with our Year 9s on effective independent research, building strong teams and taking appropriate meaningful action on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We are very excited to see what our brilliant students take on!

Find out more at: Alleyn's Earthshot - Learning @ Alleyn's (