Commitment and Composure

Congratulations to more than 60 Alleyn’s pianists who took part in the Alleyn’s Piano Prize 2021 on Wednesday 19 May.  

Each pupil showed impressive commitment, musical playing, and gave performances of real quality in each class. Special congratulations go to the ultimate winners of the three classes: Daniel (Class 1), William (Class 2), and Alex (Class 3). 

The adjudicator, international concert pianist and chamber musician Luis Pares, was incredibly impressed with the high standard of performance and he described it was a real treat to be able to see the pupils play in person after a year of restrictions. He had his work cut out to judge such a high standard of performance this year.  

Luis said: 

“Many congratulations to all the very talented pianists at Alleyn’s. You all played with such commitment and composure and produced some beautiful sounds and I am really thrilled to have listened to so much talent. I always go for those performances who show commitment and involvement with the music but also show character and real care and detail in the way you produce the sounds with a wide variety of tone, awareness of textures and how to balance the music. There were some really successful performances in coherence and control in the technical demands of their piece.” 

He finished by wishing all of the pupils who took part all the very best in their piano studies as they progress. Congratulations to everyone involved.  

The full results are as follows:

Class 1 (Initial) 

1st: Daniel  

2nd: Connie  

3rd: Noble  

Highly Commended: Lyla , Emma and Laurel  


Class 2 

1st: William  

=2nd: Sofia and Kalina  

3rd: Nicole  

Highly Commended: Agata , Ava and Matthew  


Class 3 

1st: Alex  

2nd: Hailey  

=3rd: Luke and Sophie  

Highly Commended: Lily, James, Anjali, Ugo, Tabitha, Jules, Theo, Maria and Tommaso. 


Photo shows: Class 1 winners Daniel, Connie and Noble.