Alleyn's Sporting Community inspired by Triple Olympian 

The Alleyn's community enjoyed meeting triple Olympian hockey player, Jen Wilson in the latest Alleyn’s Sport Lockdown Speaker Series session. Captain of the Alleyn's boy's hockey 1st team, Ed in Year 13, led the Q&A, asking Jen about her inspiring journey playing hockey for South Africa in a career that spanned over a decade. She discussed what it was really like to prepare for and attend three Olympics, three Commonwealth Games and three World Cups and provided a fascinating insight into the world of international sport. 

She also spoke about her role as Scotland hockey coach, and the attributes she looks for when selecting teams: 

“It's the players that are out on the pitch when nobody's watching - the players who are willing to do the hard work behind the scenes - they're the ones I want on my team.” 

Jen expertly navigated the mature questions posed to her from Alleyn's pupils who joined the session (ranging from Year 4 through to Year 13) and delved into the challenges we all face as sportspeople, using the example of her back injury. She said: “you learn a lot about yourself when you're thrown into challenging situations. It's all about how you respond.” 

Freshly inspired and motivated by Jen's enthusiasm and wisdom, we look forward to our final talk of the half-term when we will meet ex-Olympic rower Cath Bishop, on Wednesday, 11 February at 7 pm. Cath has recently written award-winning book 'The Long Win' - which was selected as one of the Financial Times Best Business Books of 2020. For information, click here