BTT: Comedy in the Lower School

Joshua has been producing his satirical magazine, called BTT (Behind the Times, a pun on the expression and the newspaper) since March 2020, and published the first ever widely distributed copy in October 2020.

BTT comments on anything from in-school issues to current affairs, celebrities and politics. The latest edition includes commentary on pride month, exam week, and also the vigils being held for Tiananmen square.

Like Private Eye, BTT also features a lookalike page, with the latest issue comparing Mr Skinnard with Graham Norton among others!

Andy and Graham

Joshua shares each edition of BTT on the Lower School Teams group – so Lower School pupils, look out for it there. For Joshua, this is just the start of his comedy empire. He has a nine-strong team now, and is even planning to branch into video, so aspiring comedic writers and actors, you can find Joshua in the Lower School – he is recruiting!

About his experience of running his own magazine, Joshua said:

“Since that first ever issue, we've grown and developed - we're actually good these days. Go ahead and join the movement! Otherwise soon, you'll be Behind The Times."