Budding Linguists Compete in Spelling Bee

The spelling bee, which tested the young linguists’ understanding as well as spelling of words in French, German and Spanish, was open to all pupils in Year 7, with initial rounds taking place in each language and each class to find 'class champions'.

The six finalists- two each for each language - competed in the tense final round in the Lower School Assembly.

Spelling Bee

Mr Harper and Ms Schueller, (who sported some wonderful bee wings) called out words in English and the finalists had to say the word in the target language before spelling it – all as fast as they could! The pupil who spelled the most words correctly in the time allotted was the winner for that language.

Spelling Bee

Teachers and pupils alike were astounded by all of the finalists’ speed and accuracy, but the overall winners, who each won a much coveted ‘Spelling Bee Champ’ mug, were: Fermin, in 7OB for French, Mila (7TN) for German, and Claudia (7TM) for Spanish.

Spelling Bee mug

Well done to each of the budding linguists – you were so impressive!