Choosing to Challenge

Following International Women's Day 2021 on Monday, the Feminist Society invited pupils to wear an item of pink to choose to challenge the stereotypical associations with the colour.

Explaining the significance of this choice of colour, they said:

“We recognise and celebrate women's individuality and diversity and yet we also see the conceptual stereotyping and systematic oppression of women through cultural associations - such as the childhood association so often of girls with pink and all the potentially erroneous and problematic connotations that conjures about expectations for girls. We wish to show solidarity with women and challenge the status of such societal markers by wearing an item of pink (or an item which you believe demonstrates this solidarity and challenge such as a rainbow scarf or a badge with an appropriate message if you think this more fitting).

Girls and women are not necessarily 'pink' (or anything else necessarily) and should not be limited in any way by the associations that have historically been made alongside such stereotyping. The Feminist Society will be wearing pink to say that we see this and we choose to challenge!”

There was a suggested a donation of £1 and the all donations collected at the end of the day will go to Refuge – the charity supporting women, children and men experiencing domestic violence.