Congratulations to Alleyn’s Senior Cadets 

Congratulations to Year 13 students, Cecily, Saskia and Morgan who have been promoted to the role of Senior Cadet in the RAF, Army and Royal Navy respectively – a fantastic and well-deserved achievement. 

Promotion of this kind is extremely competitive, but the three students have proved themselves throughout their CCF careers.  

Senior Army Cadet, Saskia, said: “It is a really big deal for us and such a sense of reward to have been promoted, especially because the whole time that we have been involved in CCF is taken into consideration when the decision is made.”  

The Senior Cadets will now be responsible for a huge amount of CCF coordination including how the Year 12s teach the younger non-commissioned officers and ensuring that they are well supported.  

At Alleyn’s, pupils can opt to join CCF at the beginning of Year 9 and many continue to Year 13, by which time they are leading and instructing the younger members of the Contingent. CCF works to instil self-confidence in pupils with the opportunity to learn to work together as a team, to become leaders and instructors. Cadets have the opportunity to experience a huge range of adventurous activities such as, abseiling, kayaking and flying powered aircrafts.

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