'Corona Choir' Makes the Music Go On

Alleyn’s Chamber Choir is ensuring that ‘the music goes on’ as singers are continuing to practice musical pieces and parts at home.  

Music plays a huge role in the School’s daily co-curricular life. Led by Director of Music Mr Chris Dearmer, the choir has temporarily rebranded as ‘Corona Choir’ and is taking on new challenges as members observe lockdown in the light of the coronavirus crisis. 

The first musical project was the opening of SS Wesley’s Blessed be the God and Father, which the choir would have performed at the School’s Easter services had schools remained open. 

Singers recorded individual vocal parts at home, often on smartphones, and uploaded them to the School’s Hub (virtual learning environment or VLE), for Mr Dearmer to combine using studio software. You can hear the results below. Music School administrator Alpha Hopkins (who is also Director of the Dulwich Festival and Dulwich Youth Orchestra) then matched the short piece with visuals using iMovie. 

Mr Dearmer said of the choir, “They are all amazing. The results are surprisingly successful and musical given they have all been recording separately at home and haven’t been able to hear it all together until now.” 

Feeling inspired, the choir now plans to tackle more ‘lockdown projects' in the coming weeks. Members have suggested Tallis's If ye love me, Billy Joel's And so it goes, and Bruckner’s Locus iste. 

Mr Dearmer said, “All are a little more complex than the Wesley, but given how well they did with the first project, why not challenge ourselves with something a little harder..”. 

We look forward to sharing their output in due course.