Diversity & Equality Logo Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Ella in Year 7 whose stunning design has been chosen as the new Alleyn’s Diversity and Equality Logo.

Following a whole-Senior School competition to create the first ever Alleyn’s Diversity and Equality logo, Ella’s design was chosen from close to 50 competition entries from Upper School students all the way through to Year 7s.

Assistant Head, Head of Lower School, Mrs Thorton said: “Your ears would have been burning, Ella, if you had been in the most recent meeting to decide the overall winner. With some very strong competition entries, your design received so many compliments.”

Ella will now work with Assistant Head of Lower School and Design & Technology teacher, Mr Allen, who is an expert in graphic design as well as an external agency to ensure her logo works across a suite of Alleyn’s materials - from the School website, to printed newsletters, leaflets as well as a display within the School grounds.

The aim is that the logo will create a powerful visual statement of Alleyn's commitment to diversity and equality and we are sure that Ella’s stunning design will achieve just that. Well done Ella!