Enthusiasm, Drive and Focus 

On 8 June this year’s 39-strong Year 11 and Year 13 CCF CADRE cohort embarked on their long awaited three-day final exercise at Cinque Ports Training Area in Folkestone. After a number of changes to the program and regulation changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was fantastic to be able to host cadets in the field for the highlight of the annual program and an opportunity for them to fulfil the requirement for the Advanced Infantry Program.  

 Fg Off RAFAC CCF and CCF Administrator at Alleyn’s, Julia Hart, said: 

“As opposed to the normal snow, sleet and fog, we were met with brilliant sunshine as we embarked onto the area. From the start the CADRE cadets displayed immense enthusiasm, drive and focus despite the struggles they have faced training under the Covid regulations. It was a joy to be back training for all.”