Forging Lasting Bonds

Pupils joining the Lower, Middle or Upper Schools experienced dedicated sessions with team building experts this week. Tutor groups faced a series of challenges that they needed to work together to solve, like removing ‘toxic waste’ from a sectioned-off area without going near it or travelling from one ‘safe’ space to another without touching the ground.

Year 7 team building

The challenges quickly worked their magic, pulling pupils together with a common purpose and allowing them to form bonds that will carry over into the classroom, onto the sports fields and other co-curricular activities – all while having huge amounts of fun.

Head of Upper School, Dr Atkinson, said:

"Students can be apprehensive as they embark on A level study, particularly if they are joining us from another school, and the team building activities are a great way for new tutor groups to gel, for tutors to get to know their tutees, and for friendships to be made or cemented. To cap it all, the sun shone brightly too!"

Alleyn’s pupils are known for their lasting friendships which extend not just beyond their school years but for life – and this is just one of the occasions when these bonds are forged.