GRPP 2021 Winner Announced

The winner of the 2021 GRPP has been announced as Rhea, for her project: Oasis of Diplomacy: How can Sultan Haitham bin Tariq maintain Oman’s independent foreign policy in the face of developing geopolitical and economic risks?

This year’s runners-up are Diana, with her project: What do doppelgänger in literature reveal about the self? and Iris with Pharmageddon: how has the complacency of the US approach to antibiotics contributed to the emerging pandemic of drug-resistant bacterial disease?

Projects were submitted on an impressive variety of fascinating areas of research. The judging panel of teachers deliberated ‘blind’ over all the scripts before shortlisting six students, who were invited to sit a viva with the Head and the Alleyn’s Governing Board last Thursday.

The experience of working on the project offers Upper School students an opportunity to enrich their knowledge by researching a topic they have not covered in class. In the process they hone their skills by working independently, as well as demonstrating that ability to prospective universities. The viva, where students are questioned closely on a topic they have researched in depth, is also brilliant preparation for future university interviews.

Rhea’s thoughts on the process:

“I loved exploring the affairs of a nation so crucial to global security, and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the Governors to understand their interpretations of my research. Winning this competition has been truly beneficial in securing opportunities for my future career in foreign affairs.”

While the whole process is without a doubt invaluable for everyone who participates, there is also the added incentive of a cash prize for the winner and runners-up. 

You can read the Rhea’s, Diana’s and Iris’ project abstracts on our website here and parents and pupils will be able to read the full-length essays in the Enrichment section of the Hub.