Head Joins Vanessa Radio Show Talk

Alleyn's Head Jane Lunnon joined a fascinating BBC Radio London discussion about gender equality and the harassment of girls and women, with host Vanessa Feltz and Everyone's Invited founder Soma Sara.

Fulham Boys School Head Alun Ebenezer and Deputy Head Boy Wilfred Blake were also guests on the panel. The show took in Soma's motivations for starting the EI platform, and explored some of the actions schools had been taking to address the conversation and tackle any concerns. 

Mrs Lunnon discussed the work that had been done at Alleyn's, including the Gender Equality Charter and the many workshops and initiatives underway in conjunction with pupils, parents and alumni. She praised Soma for opening up and highlighting such an important conversation. Mrs Lunnon also called for a national register of the activities that schools were undertaking so that best practices could be recorded and shared, adding that we need to "enlighten and not frighten people".

Via Twitter, Mrs Lunnon said: "It was a great pleasure to be part of the discussion. I thought both young people on the panel demonstrated just why we can be profoundly hopeful about the future."

You can listen to the full discussion on the BBC Radio London site from 1:36:30 into the programme - find it here.