Hitting the High Notes

Alleyn’s musicians gave a beautiful orchestral and choral performance at the annual Alleyn’s concert at St John’s Smith Square, one of London’s premier performance venues.

Featuring the Alleyn’s Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Choral Society and the Alleyn’s Parents Choir, our senior instrumentalists and singers gave a fitting performance for the 400th year – full of depth, poise and a programme of music that celebrates the past, present and future.

A full orchestra performance of The Four Sections opened the evening, setting the bar high at the outset. Gifted flautist Rianna (Year 13) performed Fantaisie brilliante sur ‘Carmen’ and the Symphony Orchestra, led by Year 11 Emily, gave a stunning performance of Symphony No. 3 in E flat major, Op.55. The exceptional musicianship was complemented throughout the evening by the wonderful acoustics that St. John’s has to offer.

The choral second half did not disappoint and among the pieces was the new Alleyn’s School Anthem, I will be with thee. Composed in celebration of Alleyn’s 400 by alumna Dobrinka Tabakova, it was performed by the Chamber Choir and Choral Society and Alleyn’s Parents’ Choir accompanied by The Handel Orchestra.

Speaking of the evening and the musicians involved, Alleyn’s Director of Music, Chris Dearmer, said “The boys and girls who performed tonight have incredible commitment, dedication, good-humour and endless enthusiasm for all things ‘music’. It is the driving force behind all that we do and achieve and I congratulate everyone who took part in this spectacular concert."