EPQ Students Present a Diverse Range of Topics

After school on Monday 8 November, the Year 13 EPQ (Extended Project Qualifications) students gave their presentations in the EAB. This event marked the culmination of their year-long research projects. The students have created their own titles on a topic of their choosing and have spent the past year researching and writing an extended essay or creating artefacts such as artworks or performances. The presentations were given in the style of a ‘marketplace’ where each student created their own stand and discussed their work with the invited audience of teachers, students and parents.


Topic titles:

A Critical Analysis of the Changing Depictions of Hierarchy throughout Fiction and Film, through the Direct Comparison of John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ (1667) and Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ (2019)

Should boys with autism be taught in a specialist school, designed to help their special needs, or in a mainstream school, integrated within the wider community?

An Artwork to Illustrate the Oppression of Expression in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

John Steinbeck named Route 66 ‘The Mother Road’. How do its presentations in literature, film and art support or oppose this?

What is 'Instapoetry' and does it have value, artistic or otherwise?

Can a new Musical be written that is set in the 'Golden Age' of the artform yet features the world of Musicals today?

Grub’s up! Does the Food Disgust Scale predict willingness to try an insect-based diet in a UK school population? A cross-sectional, quantitative survey.

What is the 'Coming-of-Age' Genre in the Media and is its Representation of a ‘Female Metamorphosis’ in Film, Television, and Literature in the US and the UK Toxic or Unrealistic for Young Women?

How effective is the prison system in the UK at rehabilitating female convicts and what can be done to improve it?

Write and perform a monologue to a young audience aiming to highlight why we need contemporary theatre more than ever following the COVID-19 pandemic

What has been the biggest cause of the higher poverty rate of African Americans in the US?



David Cameron said in 2011 that ‘multiculturism has failed’, to what extent can this be seen to be true in post war Britain?

To what extent have the living conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic affected our dreams?

Can I produce a dance film that corrects the misrepresentation of witch trials in the society of early modern Britain?

With a focus on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's, 'The Yellow Wallpaper' and Virginia Woolf's, 'Mrs Dalloway,' how are the changing social attitudes towards mental health presented in literature?

Does Belgium have the best healthcare system compared to countries with a similar health spending per capita?

Can I design an item of sustainable clothing to raise awareness of the damaging effects of fast fashion?

Can Facebook Inc. Justify the Harvesting of Personal Data in the Pursuit of the Optimal User Experience?

Guilt: a monologue exploring personal and collective guilt in a fictional 19th century London gentleman’s club

How successful have the attempts to improve conditions and services in prisons in California between the years 2011-2020 been in reducing reoffending rates?

How have the riots of the thirty years of urban violence in the banlieues changed French society since the events of Vaulx-en-Velin in 1979?

How will Supreme being bought out by Vanity Fair affect their sales and overall performance of the company in the long and short run?

Are the government and food industry responsible for the epidemic of obesity in the UK?

How far did the socio-political scene in Spain affect the spread of Zarzuela outside of Spain and its international popularity?

Should the NHS offer ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation to women as a treatment for menopausal symptoms?

Was the violent or non-violent philosophy more pivotal in the success of the Civil Rights Movement?

Is early diagnosis of special educational needs beneficial for a child’s education and wellbeing?