It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

The Christmas Board competition in the Lower School runs from the beginning of December through to the penultimate week of term. Tutor groups work collectively on their design and the final is judged on design, originality and the resourcefulness of materials used. Judges (Head of Art and Art History, Ms Reynolds and Reverend Lander) also looked at the overall feel and organisation of the room as a whole.

The competition this year was fierce! Every single tutor group went above and beyond in their efforts and all boards were over spilling with festive spirit and fun. The winners in Year 8 had used bottle tops to design their Christmas Tree and 7DW had personalised stockings with extraordinary detail on the whole board.

Some difficult decisions had to be made but finally the following winners and runners-up were announced:

Year 7

1st place: 7DW

2nd place: 7JS

3rd place: 7MR

Year 8

1st place: 8TM

2nd place: 8ME

3rd place: 8RE

Enjoy looking through all the spectacular boards here: