Life, Death and The Limits of The Human Body 

Alleyn’s Scientist in Residence, Professor Kevin Fong OBE, captivated our young scientists with a fascinating talk on Extremes on 29 April. 

As part of the Alleyn’s Celebration of Science, the Alleyn’s Scientist in Residence, who, during the Covid-19 pandemic has become National Clinical Advisor in Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response for NHS England, took staff and students from Year 9, 10, 12 and 13 on a voyage through space and time. 

Using the remarkable story of Anna Bagenholm who in 1999 survived following a three-hour cardiac arrest after a skiing accident, Professor Fong examined the incredible medical developments throughout recent history and how far we have come since the Industrial Revolution. These included the amazing rates of progress in heart surgery, intensive care and reconstructive surgery, which all played a part in Anna’s survival and recovery. And he also examined advancements in technology, such as aviation, from the Wright brothers' first 12 second flight in 1903 to the incredible use of helicopters routinely used today in emergencies.  

Students and staff alike were all enthralled by Professor Fong’s talk and followed up with insightful questions about the research Professor Fong is working on at the moment, to the most extreme cases he has been involved in. 

Thank you to Professor Fong for an eye-opening and fascinating talk.