Lower School Play: The Canterbury Tales

Covid-19 restrictions meant that the Lower School play couldn’t be performed in front of a live audience but Lower School pupils were undeterred and gave a sparkling performance to camera after school today.

Mr Piper, Director of Drama, and who directed the play, said:

“The Year 7 company has been terrific – a wonderful ensemble performing onstage and a brilliant technical and creative team behind the scenes have all worked incredibly hard to bring this anarchic, hilarious show to life. The future of Alleyn’s Drama is looking very bright indeed!”

Canterbury Tales scene

Parents will be able to watch the film of the performance at home and the advantage is that they will be able to show relatives further afield who might not have been able to make it along to a live show.

The film will be edited over the summer and made available on the Hub for parents and pupils to watch.

Well done, Lower School performers and crew – you were brilliant!