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Model United Nations success

Many congratulations to our team of Alleyn’s students who displayed incredible diplomatic expertise at the recent Model United Nations (MUN) Conference at Lady Eleanor Holles School.

Representing China, the team successfully took on the role of diplomats. They researched and investigated international issues from the right to a democracy to the questions of human trafficking and preventing cybercrime. Analysing each from China’s stance, they skilfully debated, deliberated, consulted, and developed solutions to world problems before presenting their resolutions in a General Assembly.  

Special congratulations go to the following students for outstanding efforts which gained them awards in their committees:
-    Highly commended delegate in the Human Rights Committee (Jonah, Year 12)
-    Outstanding delegate in the Special Committee (Miranda, Year 12)
-    Outstanding delegate in the Security Council (Theo, Year 13)
-    Outstanding delegation (joint first) (The whole team which also included Ewan in Year 12 and Maggie-Anne in Year 11).