New exhibition commemorates Alleyn’s history

A new School exhibition commissioned to tell the story of Alleyn’s history is taking shape outside the Edward Alleyn Building.

The exhibition tells the story of Alleyn’s School and the Foundation from which it was formed - Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift, over the last 400 years. Led by our School Archivist, a team of Alleyn's staff researched and wrote the text, and sourced the images before working with Exhibition Designer, Jackie Baines, to turn our story into a formal exhibition.

So far six boards have been installed on the side of the Edward Alleyn Building. They detail the School’s history and cover the 400th anniversary with a timeline, charts showing how Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift evolved into Alleyn’s School and Dulwich College, the life of Edward Alleyn and how both education and Dulwich have changed over the last 400 years.

A final six boards will be installed in September 2019 to cover themes including The Founding Principles, how the School and College have been financed over the years, the changes over time to the School’s creative arts and co-curricular offer, how the Alleyn’s School site has changed since 1887 and citizenship in Alleyn’s pupils.

The exhibition stands as a celebration of Alleyn’s School’s past, present and future and will be in place for at least the next ten years, for pupils and visitors to enjoy.