New Prefects and House Captains announced

Huge congratulations to our new School Senior Prefects and House Captains, particularly to Nana-Yaw, our new School Captain and to Olivia and Eloise, our new Vice Captains who will lead lead the school in the coming year.

School Captain:                      

Nana-Yaw         (Bn)


School Vice-Captains:            

Olivia               (T)

Eloise              (C)


House Captains:                     

Brading's         Tomas

Brown's            Izzy

Cribb's             Sam

Dutton's           Freya

Roper's            Ella

Spurgeon's       Zephy

Tulley's            Jasper

Tyson's            Ollie


Senior Prefects:

Oscar          (S) Tom            (S)
Nina            (D) Lily             (D)
Tom            (S) Pablo          (R)
Timothy      (D) Sally           (C)
Holly           (T) Ellen           (S)
Emily          (Bn) Anna           (Tn)
An Qi          (Bn) Stella          (S)
Sasha         (D) lpek            (Tn)
Sophia        (D) Max            (S)
Kirsten        (T)  


We know you'll be supported by our Lower School Prefects, whose names where shared with parents in the Letter from the Head sent on 3 May 2022.