Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

From Monday 11 March to Friday 15 March 2019, the whole School community turned green for Sustainability Week to mark the importance of providing for the present without compromising the future.

The emphasis of the week was on actions - even small ones - which make a wider difference. Between the Senior and Junior Schools, 577 pupils and staff made a public pledge to do something differently for the week. From Harrison in Year 10 pledging to take a cold shower every morning to Year 9 George pledging not to ride in a car all week and Senior Deputy Head, Mr Skinnard, pledging to have a meat-free Monday­ – pupils and staff did their bit to make a collective difference.

Around the School, our groundsmen had a busy week planting 400 trees, bushes and hedges with the help of pupils as part of our Alleyn’s 400 celebrations and to help reduce air pollution. Other initiatives included banning disposable cups for the week in an effort to reduce single-use plastic and mechanics from Balfe’s Bikes got our bikes in tip-top condition to encourage safe and sustainable travel to School.

The week was also an opportunity to build on our awareness of sustainability. As well as volunteering at the London Wildlife Trust, pupils in the Eco-Committee Club reminded us how to recycle our waste correctly. Sally Crewe, Nutritionist and Sustainability Manager from our caterers, Holroyd Howe, engaged pupils on the benefits of a sustainable diet. And Senior Lecturer at the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King's College London, Dr Ian Mudway, gave an enlightening keynote talk to parents and staff on the impact of air pollution on our children’s health.

Thank you to the whole School community for playing such an active role in Sustainability Week. We will build on this progress to ensure that the legacy left four centuries ago by Edward Alleyn is sustained for another 400 years by the actions of our community.