Remembering Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow, who taught Classics at Alleyn’s from 1974 to his retirement in 2011, sadly died on Sunday 26 April from the complications of Covid-19.

Philip was an inspirational teacher, demanding hard work and high standards from his classes, but also managing to be loved by his pupils for the interest and care he took with them. He was Senior Classics Master (as he preferred to be styled) from 1983-2007. He inherited and expanded a department distinctive for its rigorous teaching and utter dedication to the ancient and noble subject. In his time, he also was a School Counsellor, a House Tutor of Spurgeon’s for several decades,  President of the Staff Common Room and he also taught Spanish, having spent the first thirteen years of his life in Chile.

Philip was domus scholar at King's College, Cambridge and had a brilliant mind which he used to inspire generations of students and colleagues at Alleyn’s. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

A Mass is being offered for the repose of Philip’s soul at the Church of St Anselm and St Caecilia on Wednesday 29 April at the 6pm Mass. This will also be online; those wishing to join should search “St Anselm’s Kingsway” and click on the entry for RC Church Services and follow the instructions.