Revealed: Research Project Prize Winners

The 2018 Governors Research Project Prize winners have recently been announced.

After reviewing an impressive array of essays, 6 were shortlisted. Vivas took place at the end of September, and after some challenging debate and deliberation, the judges opted for Alba, Charlie and Seth as the winner and runners-up respectively with the following essay titles:

Alba: How has Guernica become a global icon of political protest and to what extent is it truly “the last great history painting”?

Charlie: Is Breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Seth: How did human intelligence evolve?

The GRPP takes place annually and allows students to pursue a topic that they may not have formally covered in class, and allows them the opportunity to demonstrate to universities the ability to work independently. The experience of a viva, where students are questioned closely, proves to be fantastic preparation for future academic interviews too.

Learn more about the GRPP.