Sign Me Up

Lu in Year 12 was recently selected to participate in a mentoring programme for young female filmmakers, called Focus on Females, which was launched by the Young Film Academy last year.

The organisers have highlighted Lu in their latest newsletter for a number of her recent achievements.

It is unusual at any age to launch your own production company, but Lu has founded Sullivan’s Island Studios, as well as writing and directing her first short film Sign Me Up, which recounts the story of deaf Spanish girl who tries to fit in by using the latest popular gadget - real-life subtitles.

Sign Me Up clip
Sign Me Up

In addition, Lu has won the Best Writer category for the 2020 International Teen Short Film Festival for her film and been nominated for best screenplay at the Papaya Rocks Film Festival – an impressive film CV in someone so young!

Lu, who has ambitions to be a screenwriter in the future, spoke about how she is feeling following these plaudits for her work:

"I’m super grateful for the film opportunities I’ve had in the last couple years. The Focus on Females programme has been super insightful; it’s been great to be part of a small community of like-minded young girls. In future I’d love to expand Sullivan’s Island Studios and make more films with my friends…. so if you want to write or make something with me send me a message!"

Watch Lu’s amazing short film here:

Sullivan's Island Studios